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Encouraging Your Co-Workers & Employees to Work Harder

10 Jan

Photo from smallbusiness.chron.comAre you dealing with a whiney employee or co-worker who doesn’t seem to be motivated to do any work? Are you wondering how to get these employees or co-workers motivated? While threatening to fire them is a definite way to get through to them, making them feel like they want to do their work is a better option. Ask yourself this, what makes a person do something they don’t want to do? Money? Threats? The hope for something in return? Sure. But what makes someone do something they don’t want to do and feel good about doing it? Think about it this way. It is Christmas time and you want to give back to those who are less fortunate. You decide to serve food to the homeless on Christmas Day. At first you are excited and willing to do this, but then the reality sets in that you will be missing some family time with your favorite relatives. You can’t back out from the homeless shelter now because people are relying on you, so you show up on Christmas Day. At the end of it you are happy that you went, why? Maybe because you helped people who really needed, but I am willing to bet that you are mostly happy because you did something that made you feel good as a person. You did something that made you feel important.

The key to making employees or co-workers stop whining and get to work is to make them excited about working. If you make sure that the employees feel good about themselves and feel important for doing whatever it is you are asking them to do, I would be willing to bet that they would perform at a higher rate and more productive rate. According to Sigmund Freud, everything humans do comes from either a sexual urge or the urge to be great. Although I am not quite sure about the sexual urge part, I can agree that a lot of painful things that I have done throughout my life were done in hopes that they would make me better or make me feel important. When I go to work and spend the entire day reading cases and writing a brief, while my eyes hurts at the end of the day, I also feel important and accomplished. There is nothing better then the feeling of accomplishing a task and receiving positive feedback.

Remember that your employees and co-workers are all human, and all humans want to feel some sort of importance in their every day lives. If an associate turns in a motion and they have done a good job, tell them. If a co-worker helped you out when you were in a jam, tell them how much they helped you. If an employee came up with a great idea in the boardroom, tell them how great their idea was. No I am not kidding. Making people do things they don’t want to do is that simple! Although criticism is good at times and necessary to the learning process, everyone needs a little positive reinforcement every once in a while.

If you haven’t told your employees or co-workers what a great job they have done for you today, then go tell them. I bet you will make their day and that they will be motivated to work harder.