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Welcome to Mrs. Professionalism!

9 Jan

Welcome! I am so happy that you decided to click on the link and read my blog. Now you are probably wondering what Mrs. Professionalism is all about and why you should you read my blog. Mrs. Professionalism is a blog focused on providing all of the fabulous working women/wifes out there with some good advice, tips, and insider stories.  

So, a little bit about me. My name is Melody and I live in Atlanta, Georgia with my husband, whom I will call The Hubby in all of my posts (he prefers to remain anonymous!) We both graduated from law school almost two years ago, passed the Georgia bar exam, and have been happily practicing as lawyers ever since. The most exciting part of our recent lives was our June wedding, which was literally the best day of my life (I know how cliché that sounds). So, how is married life? Its great! It is exactly the same as it was before we got married, which I am very happy about. People always give you the beware-of-marriage talk, but I am happy to report that there is nothing dark and gloomy about it. Well, except for the part about me not knowing how to cook, clean, or stay organized. Ok, ok, I do know how to cook (some things) and clean (but I hate doing it), but as The Hubby will tell you, I am awful at organizing!

As I mentioned, on top of being a wife I am a lawyer. No, I am not a snobby, stick-up-my-ass type of person. I am pretty normal, and as some may agree, I don’t really look like a lawyer at all (although sometimes I wish I did so that people would respect me more). In fact, I often get carded at rated R movies and have people tell me that I either look like Dakota Fanning (the little girl version) or Anna Farris (none of which I can see). So rest assured that while reading this blog you will not be reading boring posts from a dried up attorney admitted to the bar some time back in the 80′s. I am here to provide you (and by “you” I mean all young working women) with advice, insight, and tips on how to succeed and make a name for yourself in your career. Now, you are probably thinking, why on earth should I read this girl’s blog on career advice when she hasn’t even worked for two years? My answer to you is in the form of a question, where else are you getting your career advice from? If your answer is nowhere, then take a chance and read my blog. While I may be young in both age and practice, I am an old soul at heart and really enjoy reading and learning about how to enhance my career. I also love to write, so what could possibly be better than writing about what I love? While I cannot tell you that I am the end-all-be-all of career knowledge, because I am not, I can say that I have a lot to say and I do like to talk about things that happen in the workplace. So read my blog or don’t read my blog, that is your choice.

I hope that you will embark upon this journey with me and read this blog!