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Why I Am Happy I Am Not Managed By A Woman

27 Mar

These past few weeks I have found myself buried beneath the back-breaking and agonizing problem we call “drama.” We have all experienced it, but when it happens to us and we find ourselves in the middle of a never-ending black hole, we wonder how on earth we got here and what we can do to get out of it. To put it simply, my husband and I had a falling out with some “friends.” Since the falling out, our lives have been a big pile of drama. And trust me, “drama” is putting it lightly.  Ok, ok, you are probably wondering what my point is, right?

Well, these past few weeks have taught me many things, most of which I won’t express here. One of the most eye-opening things I have realized is that women are so much more prone to cattiness, vindictiveness, and rumor spreading. Women tend to take things to a whole other level than men and they tend to become more emotionally invested in their problems. Yes, I have known this my entire life, but these past few weeks really solidified it for me.

While the drama has been exhausting and debilitating at times, I come to one conclusion: I am happy that I am not managed by a woman! According to a survey conducted by my favorite, Emily Bennington, the top three reasons women prefer male bosses are as follows:

(1) Men Tend to be More Direct. According to women, men are easier to read and set clearer expectations than women bosses. I know that I, myself, am hard to read, so I can see how this could be true. Men tend to be more black and white, often saying what they actually mean. Women, on the other hand, tend to use fluff or hidden messages when trying to communicate with others. As most of us know, a woman and a man could say the exact same thing, but both will have a different meaning or interpretation for the words they have used. Because of this, I can see how having a woman boss would be very difficult at times, especially if you were upset with one another.

(2) Women Are Too Competitive. As we all know, women are constantly observing other women and (sometimes) judging the other women or comparing themselves to other women. As Emily says, “There is only misery behind the door of comparison.” Women either think they are not good enough, which makes them insecure and hateful of women they perceive to have it all, or they think they are better, which makes them egotistical and stuck up. Working for a female may make it harder for you to move up the career ladder or stand out to others. Of course this depends upon whether the woman you are working for is confident or is comparing herself to you. Either way, I feel that I can make the statement that men are much less competitive (at least noticeably) with one another than women are.

(3) Women Are Too Emotional. According to Emily’s study, one response stated that “Women seem to bring emotions to the table no matter what . . . . ” Let’s take the drama situation I was talking about above. It is clear from what I have seen over the past few weeks that men and women react completely differently to the same situation. While men may be upset, they don’t tend to be as emotionally consumed as women. While I hate the stereotype that women are more emotional than men, I tend to agree with it and am thankful that I have a male boss.

So, what do you think? Do you think working for a man is easier than working for a woman? Do you agree with Emily’s statistics?